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Spahr Metric, Inc. is an independent importer & distributor of Metric Steel & Metals into the United States.
 We are in no way affiliated with or in a partnership with any other metric steel or metric metal suppliers.

24 Days of Metric

US Steel Tariffs on Metric Steel

Do you have questions about the metric system? Are there things you would like to know about metric steel and its many uses? Join us for the next 24 Days as we explore 24 Days of Metric! We are celebrating our 24 years of service as a Metric Metal importer to the United States. Curious to see what your business could save by switching over to the metric system from our imperial measurement system? Send us your questions and share your comments. Whether you are looking for metric round tubing, metric plate, or any type of metric metal, we can supply that to you quickly and economically. We are looking forward to the opportunity to provide you with the quotes you need!