Sea Freight vs Air Freight

Spahr Metric Steel Exterior Of Building

At Spahr Metric, Inc. most of our metric steel and metal products are brought in from our European partners by sea freight. This works great for our customers that have budgeted transit time into their production schedule and for replenishing stock in our inventory.

But what if time is of the essence?

Did you know that Spahr Metric can ship metric materials directly to your facility via air freight? 

Although there are additional costs to using air freight, in some instances, delivery time can be cut in half. Keeping your production times on track and your customers happy. 

When you choose to ship metric steel and metals by air, Spahr Metric takes care of all of the logistics, customs and delivery to your dock! Taking the worry and stress out of your project. 

Call or email us today for your metric steel and metal needs, we’ve got you covered.

25 Years and Counting in 2022!

Charly the Spahr office dog inspecting the latest shipment of metric metal I-Beam

At Spahr Metric, Inc. we are constantly learning and growing, listening to our customers and following market trends. So we’ve once again re-designed our web-site to help YOU our customers! Whether you are new to the Steel buying industry or a long time professional, our main goal was to create a site that was easy to navigate and user friendly. In just 3 steps you’re ready to send us a “request for quote” on anything from Metric I-Beam to Stainless steel tubing. 

Spahr Metric, Inc. is honored to be your Metric Sized Metal supplier. We look forward to aligning ourselves with new and existing customers as partners, growing your business and ours, to not only meet but exceed your expectations on customer service and price.

It’s a work in progress, but aren’t we all?