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Providing the Best Prices & Customer Service in the United States.

Your Distributor of Metric Steel & Metal supplying the industrial & manufacturing industries

Give us a call and see why our prices and customer service are your best choice for Metric Steel & Metric Sized Metals in the United States!

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With the best prices on Metric Sized Metals in the United States, we pride ourselves on exemplary customer service and pricing for the past 23 years. We look forward to our continued growth into the future. You bet your Metric we can get what you need!

Metric stainless steel round bar stock polished and ready to ship

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Spahr Metric Steel Exterior Of Building

Sea Freight vs Air Freight

At Spahr Metric, Inc. most of our metric steel and metal products are brought in from our European partners by sea freight. This works great for our customers that have
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Charly the Spahr office dog inspecting the latest shipment of metric metal I-Beam

25 Years and Counting in 2022!

At Spahr Metric, Inc. we are constantly learning and growing, listening to our customers and following market trends. So we’ve once again re-designed our web-site to help YOU our customers! Whether you
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Are Metric Steel Frame Homes The Future

Should I have A Steel Framed Home?

For builders, the materials they use play an essential role in determining the quality of the final output. When it comes to the frame of a building, the material used
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