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Meet Our Dedicated Team

Chantal Aeschbach-Powell


With the company since its start in the U.S. in 1997, our President excels in the “I got this” and up to speed departments – two ideal skills for ensuring that business runs smoothly. When she is not efficiently guiding the day-to-day at Spahr, you can find her surrounded by her 14-year old twin boys, spirited 12-year old princess, and her husband. We are guessing this is where she perfected her “ I got this” power.

And in her spare time – I know we can’t believe she has any either, she enjoys cooking and baking. Sharing her long-treasured family recipes with her children, husband and friends. She is our token Swiss Girl – We have to maintain our roots!

Matthew Mowery

Owner/Vice President

A true steel guy, Matt has worked in some facet of the steel industry since 1989. He knows a lot about steel. He says, “dealing with the ups and downs of the steel market is both a challenging and rewarding experience.” He’s serious about steel, no joke! Born and raised in Winchester, VA, Matt started out at Spahr in 2004 as a sales rep. He has since used his Einstein like knowledge of steel to move up over the years and is now part owner and Vice President. Still effectively guiding our future with his experience and metric sized metals expertise. 

We were actually surprised to find out that he is enthusiastic about more than steel. He enjoys spending time with family and friends, not discussing steel. Eating bacon cooked in a cast iron skillet – notice we said iron. Deep-frying turkeys in an aluminum pot – again no steel involved. And most of all spending time in the great outdoors, enjoying all of the non-steel related adventure that it provides. 

James Allamong

Warehouse Manager Extraordinaire

James is Spahr’s Man of Steel.  That is not just a cute nickname. It truly represents him in every facet. First of all he manages our warehouse – so he is surrounded by the stuff. He takes care of shipping steel, receiving steel, and delivering steel. When he steps inside from the warehouse, you can find him handling building maintenance and causing outbursts of laughter. We believe he was a stand-up comedian in his previous life.

Before coming to work at Spahr in 2010, James was surrounded by steel in another capacity. He served as a M1A1 Abrams Tank Crewmember and Gunner. While proudly serving his country, he received multiple awards including the Army commendation award and Army achievement medal. After his Honorable Discharge from the Army, James’ personal interests have ensured that he maintains his moniker. He loves muscle cars, sports cars, custom cars, trucks, and puppies with bows.  We assume the bows are made of steel.