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Metric Carbon Steel Keystock 1045

Metric Carbon Rectangular Bar, Metric Steel Rectangular Bar, Metric Metal Rectangular Bar, Metric Stainless Steel Rectangular Bar

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Metric Carbon Keystock 1045

Metric carbon steel flat bar is versatile and can be used in many applications. As one of the most common types and shapes of steel, it is often used in the fabrication and construction sectors for frames, supports, trim and braces. 1045 key steel is a common grade due to it’s combination of weldability, impact resistance and high strength. It can be hammer forged and responds well to heat treating as well as being suitable for flame and induction hardening. Some applications and industries for 1045 key steel are but not limited to; gears, suspension systems, crankshafts, oil and gas equipment and supporting tools, in the automotive, agricultural, food processing and manufacturing sectors.

Metric Carbon Keystock 1045 Specifications

EN 10277-5, DIN 6880

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