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Metric Carbon Steel Flat Bar S235 1018

Metric Carbon Rectangular Bar, Metric Steel Rectangular Bar, Metric Metal Rectangular Bar, Metric Stainless Steel Rectangular Bar

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Metric Carbon Steel Flat Bar S235 1018

Metric Carbon Steel Flat Bar S235 1018 is a popular selection for a variety of construction and fabrication projects due to its well-rounded properties and cost-effectiveness. Let’s decode this seemingly complex designation:

  • Metric: This signifies the bar’s dimensions are in millimeters, adhering to the metric system.
  • Carbon Steel: The core material is steel with a low carbon content, offering a balance of affordability and versatility.
  • S235: This refers to a European standard (EN 10025) for structural steel. The S235 designation specifies a minimum yield strength of 235 MPa, suitable for general structural applications.
  • 1018: This is a common American designation (AISI 1018) for low-carbon steel with a specific chemical composition, ensuring consistent material properties.

The key advantage of Metric Carbon Steel Flat Bar S235 1018 lies in its versatility. Here’s a look at its key characteristics:

  • Good Strength: The S235 designation ensures the flat bar can withstand a good amount of force before bending permanently, making it suitable for structural applications.
  • Weldability: This steel type welds well, allowing for strong and permanent joints when constructing complex structures.
  • Machinability: While not its strongest suit, the low carbon content allows for machining this flat bar to achieve desired shapes and features.
  • Formability: To a certain extent, this flat bar can be bent and cold formed into specific shapes, depending on the material thickness.

These combined properties make Metric Carbon Steel Flat Bar S235 1018 a valuable material for numerous applications, including:

  • Structural components: Brackets, braces, and frames can be constructed using this flat bar, especially when moderate strength is required.
  • Machine bases and supports: The flat profile provides a stable foundation for machinery.
  • Fabrication projects: Cut, bent, and welded into various shapes for customized components.
  • Repair and maintenance: The readily available flat bar stock can be used to replace broken or worn flat steel elements.

When selecting Metric Carbon Steel Flat Bar S235 1018, consider the required thickness and width.

Metric carbon steel flat bar is versatile and can be used in many applications. As one of the most common types and shapes of steel, it is often used in the fabrication and construction sectors for frames, supports, trim and braces. 1018 steel is  low carbon, general purpose steel that is suitable for ordinary hammer forging and case hardening, easily weldable and machined. Some applications and industries for 1018 steel are but not limited to; fixtures, mounting plates and spacers.

Metric Carbon Steel Flat Bar S235 1018 Specifications

EN 10277-2, S235JRG2, EN 10278

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