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Metric Carbon Steel Plate S235 / S355

Metric Steel Sheet Plate, Metric Metal Sheet Plate, Metric Carbon Sheet Plate, Metric Stainless Steel Sheet Plate

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The Foundation of Strength: Metric Carbon Steel Plate S235/S355

When your project demands a robust and dependable metal base, metric carbon steel plate S235/S355 stands out as a reliable choice. This widely used material offers a perfect balance of affordability, strength, and workability, making it a staple in construction, fabrication, and various industrial applications.

Metric carbon steel plate S235/S355 comes in two key strength grades: S235 and S355. The designation refers to the yield strength of the steel, indicating its ability to withstand pressure without permanent bending. S235 offers a good balance between cost and strength, making it suitable for general-purpose applications like brackets, machine guards, and structural components with moderate load requirements. S355, on the other hand, provides a higher yield strength, ideal for projects demanding superior structural integrity, such as beams, bridges, and heavy machinery components.

Beyond its strength variations, metric carbon steel plate S235/S355 boasts excellent workability. It can be easily welded using common techniques, allowing for strong and permanent joints when constructing complex frameworks. Additionally, the material offers good machinability, enabling cutting, drilling, and shaping to meet specific project needs. With its versatility, affordability, and range of strengths, metric carbon steel plate S235/S355 is a trusted foundation material for countless construction and industrial applications.

Metric Carbon Steel Plate comes in Hot and Cold Rolled Sheets and Plates, EN 10025, S235JR+AR, DC01, S355J2+N, S420, S700, S355MC. S235 is a weldable low carbon steel with good impact resistance, it is ideal for drilling, grinding and tapping due to the ease of machinability. S355 is slightly higher carbon with a medium tensile strength, yet still weldable and machinable.

Metric Carbon Steel Plate S235 / S355 Specifications


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