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Metric Carbon Steel Square Bar 12L14

Metric Carbon Square Bar, Metric Steel Square Bar, Metric Metal Square Bar, Metric Stainless Steel Square Bar

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Metric Carbon Square Bar 12L14

Metric carbon square bar 12L14 is suitable for parts involving crimping, bending, or riveting. 12L14 can be used in manufacturing parts that require considerable machining and close tolerances, along with a smooth finish. Cold drawn 12L14 steel bar is a resulfurized and rephosphorized carbon steel. This grade is considered free machining, having excellent machinability due to its added sulfur, phosphorus, and lead. Due to its low carbon, this material has lower strength than other cold drawn grades. Resulfurized – Steel to which sulfur has been added in controlled amounts after refining. The sulfur is added to improve machinability. Rephosphorized – Sulfur is the one element added to promote machinability in the 11XX grades of steel. If the second digit is a “2”, the steel is called a rephosphorized and resulfurized steel. Both sulfur and phosphorus,-2 elements- are added to make these free machining steels. Commonly used in manufacturing and general assembly repairs.

Metric Carbon Square Bar 12L14 Specifications

Cold Drawn, ISO h9 tolerance , 11SMnPb30/37+C , EN 10277-3 , 1.0737. 12L14


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