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Should I have A Steel Framed Home?

For builders, the materials they use play an essential role in determining the quality of the final output. When it comes to the frame of a building, the material used provides necessary structural strength. 

When it comes to building frames, builders often choose between steel or wood. But why are steel-framed homes always the best choice? 

Steel is lightweight

It surprises most people that a steel-framed building system weighs less than a timber frame! This leads to a whole bunch of benefits meaning that less labour is needed and shipping costs are lower when building with steel.

Steel is versatile 

Steel is a very versatile building material, making it a popular choice for building homes. Structural steel can be moulded into virtually any shape, resulting in more creative home designs. For builders and architects, steel helps even the most innovative designs can be quickly transformed into a reality.

Steel is environmentally friendly

Steel is made from recycled materials and is recycled at the end of its lifespan, making it one of the most environmentally friendly building products.

Steel is termite proof

Termites pose a significant risk to American homes. They feed on wood and cause devastating damage to many homes. Thankfully, steel-framed homes provide a lifetime guarantee against termites.

Steel is fire safe

Conversely to wood, steel is a non-combustible material and will not bend or warp in the event o a fire. For many in America, where the risk of fires is high, having a steel framed home can be the difference between having to rebuild a home or repair it.

Steel is strong against weather conditions

It has never been more important for homes to be built strong and to last, especially in areas where the risk of tornadoes is high. Homeowners that choose to build with steel frames can rest assured that their home with withstand cyclonic winds.