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Metric Aluminum U-Channel 6060

Metric Carbon Channel UPE, Metric Steel Channel UPE, Metric Metal Channel UPE, Metric Stainless Steel Channel UPE

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Lightweight Strength and Design Freedom: Metric Aluminum U-Channel 6060

In the world of metal for framing, trim, and more, metric aluminum U-channel 6060 shines with its unique blend of lightweight construction, exceptional strength, and design flexibility. This popular material, often referred to as C-channel due to its profile, is extruded aluminum alloy 6060. This alloy, containing magnesium and silicon, offers superior qualities compared to standard aluminum. The extrusion process creates a precise U-shaped profile with clean edges and a smooth surface, ideal for various applications.

A key advantage of metric aluminum U-channel 6060 is its weight savings. Compared to steel channels, it offers significant weight reduction without sacrificing strength. This makes it a top choice for projects where weight is a major consideration, such as automotive components, marine structures, and aircraft framing. Additionally, the high strength-to-weight ratio allows for robust yet lightweight framing in construction applications like walls, trusses, and door frames.

Beyond its strength and weight benefits, metric aluminum U-channel 6060 is prized for its workability. It readily joins using standard welding techniques, simplifying construction of complex structures. The material’s excellent machinability allows for easy drilling, tapping, and cutting to meet specific design requirements. With its versatility, lightweight strength, and ease of fabrication, metric aluminum U-channel 6060 is a go-to material for builders, architects, and DIY enthusiasts seeking a reliable and functional metal solution.

Metric Aluminum U-Channel 6060 also used in the wind, solar and aerospace industries. It’s lightweight properties compared to steel channel make it a great product for the automotive, marine and industrial sectors. Commonly used in chassis, door, trunk and hood construction it can also be used in Architectural trim and frame work. It is easily weldable and machinable.

Metric Aluminum U-Channel 6060 Specifications

AlMgSi0,5 / EN 573-3. Metric aluminum U-Channel is available in a pressed U profile.

Other Metric U-Channel Options Available

Metric Carbon U-Channel UNP – S235JR / S355J2

Metric Carbon U-Channel UPE – S235JR / S355J2


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