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Metric Carbon U-Channel UPE – S235JR / S355J2

Metric Carbon Channel UPE, Metric Steel Channel UPE, Metric Metal Channel UPE, Metric Stainless Steel Channel UPE

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Metric Carbon U-Channel UPE – S235JR / S355J2 / EN 10025

Metric Carbon U-Channel UPE is a fundamental component in steel construction, offering a winning combination of strength, versatility, and cost-effectiveness. UPE channels, characterized by their parallel-flange U-shaped profile, are manufactured from carbon steel, making them a readily available and budget-friendly choice for many projects.

Strength and Structural Support: The U-shaped profile efficiently distributes weight and provides excellent rigidity. This makes UPE channels ideal for applications requiring strong, lightweight support structures. They are commonly used in framing for walls, ceilings, floors, and other structural elements where high load-bearing capacity in one direction is needed. Imagine using UPE channels for supporting floor joists, creating wall studs, or reinforcing beams. The parallel flanges allow for efficient load transfer and provide a flat surface for bolting or welding connections.

Versatility Across Applications: Metric Carbon U-Channel UPE finds applications beyond structural framing. Their U-shaped profile makes them suitable for applications requiring channels or troughs. They can be used for cable management systems, drainage channels, conduits for electrical wiring, or even handrail components. The ease of fabrication allows for customization and integration into various designs.

Metric Sizing and Streamlined Construction: Metric sizing ensures consistent dimensions across different UPE channel profiles. This simplifies design, procurement, and construction processes. A variety of standard sizes are available, allowing for selection of the optimal channel based on the specific load requirements and dimensional constraints of a project. The standardized dimensions also guarantee easy compatibility with other steel components, streamlining construction and reducing on-site adjustments.

In conclusion, Metric Carbon U-Channel UPE is a reliable and versatile material for builders and designers seeking a cost-effective solution for structural support and various functional applications. Their combination of strength, ease of use, and readily available metric sizes makes them a cornerstone for projects demanding both efficiency and functionality.

Metric Carbon U-Channel UPE is a parallel flange channel. Commonly used in supporting and framing components for construction and machinery.

Metric Carbon U-Channel UPE – S235JR / S355J2 / EN 10025 Specifications


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