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Metric Carbon Steel Angle S235 Cold Drawn

Metric Carbon Angle, Metric Steel Angle, Metric Metal Angle, Metric Stainless Steel Angle, Metric Aluminum Angle

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Metric Carbon Steel Angle S235 Cold Drawn

For projects requiring a robust, cost-effective metal solution, metric carbon steel angle S235 cold drawn is a prime choice. This L-shaped profile, manufactured from S235 grade carbon steel, undergoes a cold drawing process to enhance its dimensional accuracy and surface finish. Compared to hot-rolled angles, cold drawn options boast tighter tolerances and a smoother finish, ideal for applications requiring precise assembly.

The S235 designation indicates a yield strength of 235 megapascals (MPa), making this material suitable for various structural applications. Its excellent weldability allows for strong and permanent connections, while its cold drawn finish minimizes grinding or prep work before welding.

Metric sizing ensures seamless integration into projects following the metric system. Common uses for metric carbon steel angle S235 cold drawn include bracing, support structures, frames, and reinforcement elements.

Metric carbon steel angle S235 is typically used in general structural, marine and architectural construction applications where a high strength to weight application is needed. It’s shape is a 90 degree angle and can be easily welded and is machinable. Metric angles are an extruded product with very tight square corners and a smooth finish.

Metric Carbon Steel Angle S235 Cold Drawn Specifications

EN 10025

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