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Metric Carbon Steel Angle S235 / S355 Hot Rolled

Metric Carbon Angle, Metric Steel Angle, Metric Metal Angle, Metric Stainless Steel Angle, Metric Aluminum Angle

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Metric Carbon Steel Angle S235 / S355 Hot Rolled

Metric carbon steel angle S235/S355 hot rolled is a fundamental building block in the world of steel construction. This L-shaped profile, manufactured from hot-rolled carbon steel, offers a unique combination of strength, affordability, and versatility.

Strength Options: The designation S235/S355 refers to the minimum yield strength of the steel. S235 offers a good balance between cost and performance for general applications. For projects requiring higher load-bearing capacity, S355 provides a stronger option. This dual availability allows builders to select the most suitable material based on their specific needs.

Hot Rolled Advantage: The hot-rolled manufacturing process creates a cost-effective product with a good surface finish. Hot-rolled angles are known for their dimensional accuracy and excellent weldability, making them easy to integrate into various structural designs. Additionally, the hot-rolled process allows for production of larger angles compared to cold drawn alternatives.

Versatility in Applications: Metric carbon steel angle S235/S355 hot rolled finds applications in a wide range of projects. Its L-shaped profile makes it ideal for creating frames, braces, reinforcements, and support structures. They are commonly used in building construction, furniture fabrication, machinery frames, and other applications requiring strong and lightweight angular components.

Metric Sizing and Availability: Metric sizing ensures consistent dimensions across different angle sizes, simplifying design, procurement, and construction. A variety of standard leg lengths and thicknesses are available, allowing for selection of the optimal angle profile based on the specific load requirements of a project. The readily available metric sizes also guarantee easy compatibility with other steel components.

In conclusion, metric carbon steel angle S235/S355 hot rolled offers a cost-effective and versatile solution for a multitude of construction and fabrication needs. The combination of strength options, hot-rolled efficiency, and wide range of applications makes it a reliable material for builders and designers seeking a practical and dependable steel component.

Metric carbon steel angle S235 / S355 is typically used in general structural, marine and architectural construction applications where a high strength to weight application is needed. It’s shape is a 90 degree angle and can be easily welded and is  machinable. Metric angles are an extruded product with very tight square corners and a smooth finish.

Metric Carbon Steel Angle S235 / S355 Hot Rolled Specifications

EN 10025

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