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Metric Aluminum Angle 6060

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Metric Aluminum Angle 6060

When your project demands a versatile and dependable metal for framing, support, or decoration, consider metric aluminum angle 6060. This popular choice offers a unique combination of strength, lightness, and excellent corrosion resistance. Made from an aluminum alloy containing magnesium and silicon, metric aluminum angle 6060 is extruded to create a precise L-shaped profile with crisp, square corners and a smooth finish.

This lightweight material is ideal for applications where weight reduction is a priority. Compared to steel, metric aluminum angle 6060 offers significant weight savings without sacrificing strength. Its high strength-to-weight ratio makes it suitable for various structural applications, including framing, trusses, and brackets. Additionally, the alloy’s inherent corrosion resistance eliminates the need for painting or additional coatings in most environments, reducing maintenance costs and enhancing aesthetics.

Metric aluminum angle 6060 is also beloved for its workability. It can be easily welded using standard techniques, making it a breeze to join pieces for complex structures. The material’s excellent machinability allows for drilling, tapping, and cutting to meet specific project requirements. With its versatility, strength, and weather resistance, metric aluminum angle 6060 is a top choice for builders, architects, and DIY enthusiasts across various industries.

Metric Aluminum Angle 6060 Specifications

AlMgSi0.5 / EN 573-3, Metric Aluminum Angle 6060 comes in both Equal and Unequal

Other Angle Options Available

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