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Metric Carbon I-Beam HEB S235JR / S355J2

Metric Carbon I-Beam HEB, Metric Metal I-Beam HEB, Metric Steel I-Beam HEB, Metric Stainless Steel I-Beam HEB

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Metric Carbon I-Beam HEB – S235JR / S355J2 / EN 10025

Metric Carbon I-Beam HEB S235JR is a fundamental building block in modern steel construction. This I-beam, characterized by its H-shaped profile, is a type of structural steel widely used for its exceptional strength and versatility. Manufactured from S235JR grade carbon steel, it offers a good balance between affordability and performance. The “S235” designation indicates a minimum yield strength of 235 megapascals (MPa), which translates to the material’s ability to withstand stress without permanent deformation. The “JR” signifies suitability for use at normal ambient temperatures.

HEB refers to the specific dimensions of the I-beam profile. HEB beams have a wider flange compared to their height, making them ideal for applications requiring high load-bearing capacity in one direction, such as beams supporting floors or roofs. These I-beams come in a variety of standard sizes, with dimensions ranging from roughly 100 millimeters in height to 900 millimeters, and flange widths proportional to the height. This allows for selection of the optimal beam size based on the specific load requirements of a project.

Metric Carbon I-Beam HEB S235JR is favored by builders due to its ease of fabrication and assembly. The H-shaped profile allows for efficient welding and bolting connections, facilitating integration into various structural designs. Additionally, the use of standardized dimensions ensures easy availability and compatibility with other steel components. Overall, this I-beam offers a cost-effective and reliable solution for a wide range of structural needs.

Metric Carbon I-Beam HEB is a structural beam made of rolled steel. Commonly used to increase stability and durability of steel construction, a structural element capable of withstanding load due to it’s shape by resisting against bending. Wider Flange then INP and IPE

Metric Carbon I-Beam HEB – S235JR / S355J2 / EN 10025 Specifications


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