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Metric Carbon I-Beam INP S235JR / S355J2

Metric Carbon I-Beam INP, Metric Metal I-Beam INP, Metric Steel I-Beam INP, Metric Stainless Steel I-Beam INP

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Metric Carbon I-Beam INP – S235JR / S355J2 / EN 10025

Metric Carbon I-Beam INP S335J2 steps into the arena of steel construction as a heavyweight champion. This I-beam, characterized by its classic I-shaped profile, is crafted from a robust S335J2 grade carbon steel. This grade boasts a significantly higher minimum yield strength of 335 megapascals (MPa) compared to the commonly used S235JR. This translates to an I-beam capable of withstanding far greater stress without permanent deformation, making it ideal for projects demanding exceptional strength. The “J2” suffix indicates suitability for use at slightly lower temperatures compared to “JR.”

INP beams differentiate themselves from their HEB and HEM counterparts with a key profile difference. INP beams possess a more balanced flange design, with flange widths nearly equal to their height. This symmetrical profile offers superior load-bearing capacity in both directions, making them the go-to choice for applications requiring maximum support in any direction. Imagine beams supporting heavy machinery, long-span floors, or structures subjected to significant vertical loads.

While the strength of INP S335J2 beams is undeniable, it comes at a cost. The higher-grade steel and larger flange size contribute to a heavier weight compared to HEB or HEM beams of similar height. However, for projects where strength is paramount, the additional weight is a worthwhile trade-off.

Similar to other metric I-beams, INP S335J2 comes in a variety of standardized sizes. This allows engineers to meticulously select the optimal beam size based on the specific load requirements of a project. Like its counterparts, the familiar I-shaped profile facilitates efficient welding and bolting connections, ensuring smooth integration into various structural designs. Standardized dimensions also guarantee easy availability and compatibility with other steel components.

In conclusion, INP S335J2 I-beams are the undisputed choice for projects demanding exceptional strength and bi-directional load-bearing capacity. While heavier than some alternatives, their robust nature makes them ideal for supporting significant loads and ensuring structural integrity.

Metric Carbon I-Beam INP is a structural beam made of rolled steel. Commonly used to increase stability and durability of steel construction, a structural element capable of withstanding load due to it’s shape by resisting against bending.

Metric Carbon I-Beam INP – S235JR / S355J2 / EN 10025 Specifications


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