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Metric Carbon I-Beam IPE S235JR / S355J2

Metric Carbon I-Beam IPE, Metric Metal I-Beam IPE, Metric Steel I-Beam IPE, Metric Stainless Steel I-Beam IPE

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Metric Carbon I-Beam IPE – S235JR / S355J2 / EN 10025

Metric Carbon I-Beam IPE, also known as European I Beam or IPE sections, are widely used structural steel shapes favored for their high strength-to-weight ratio and versatility. They are manufactured from S235JR, S355JR, or similar grades of carbon steel according to European standard EN 10025-2. These I-beams are characterized by their I-shaped profile with a flat web and flanges of approximately half the web’s height running parallel to each other.

IPE beams come in a vast array of standard sizes, designated by their height (mm). Common IPE sizes range from IPE 80 (80mm tall) to IPE 600 (600mm tall), with each size further differentiated by weight per meter (kg/m). This variety allows engineers to select the optimal IPE beam based on the specific requirements of a project.

The high strength of IPE beams makes them suitable for load-bearing applications in buildings, bridges, and other structures. Their simple geometry also simplifies fabrication and connection processes, further contributing to their widespread use in modern construction.

Metric Carbon I-Beam IPE is a structural beam made of rolled steel. Commonly used to increase stability and durability of steel construction. A Structural element capable of withstanding load due to it’s shape by resisting against bending. Narrow Flange unlike HEA, HEB and HEM

Metric Carbon I-Beam IPE – S235JR / S355J2 / EN 10025 Specifications


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